A career in digital marketing

Digital marketing is still relatively new to the marketing world and rapidly developing with the continuous growth of the internet and the increased usage of advanced technologies.

Marketing qualification awarding bodies have incorporated new forms of marketing including digital conceptualization, customer relationship management, search engine optimization and also E-commerce within their marketing syllabus so that their students can be well equipped and knowledgeable to gain employment in the field of marketing as all companies enter the digital arena via their marketing tactics and strategies. This channel of marketing relies on customer engagement and building relationships electronically.

Education is also a competitive industry and their customers seek qualifications which will get them the best employment prospects. Marketing is a line favoured by many as it is creative, exciting and fast moving so marketing qualifications in this new age have to be well versed in digital concepts.

Many who look towards a career or jobs in this line of marketing have numerous corporations to select from as its rising trend can be attributed to cost and direct customer target efficiencies.

The main traits employers look for when hiring for this field is related qualifications, time management, good communication skills and of course a people’s person.